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A comprehensive PLAN for your business to leverage Internet marketing, social media, online video, mobile device marketing, automated lead capture and follow up systems to increase sales and grow your business. This plan will include a list of the recommended marketing channels for the program, associated campaigns and a roadmap for adding the channels.


Establishing you as an AUTHORITY in your subject area. This is critical for generating qualified leads through social media.


Building a TRIBE of followers through email, direct mail, mobile marketing and social media that grows organically and sustains your business throughout economic cycles.


A comprehensive automated follow up system that maximizes SALES CONVERSIONS from leads as well as existing customers.


Creating a visible, consistent, integrated PRESENCE across the Web, social media and mobile device platforms that supports your brand and dramatically increases the likelihood that prospects looking for information or solutions pertaining to key related concepts find your business.





Who needs social media? Answer: Everyone

Whether you are a non profit, small business, corporation, or personal brand you need social media to help you become a star! Let me help you get started today.